The Best Ways To Store Your Beddings

As the weather changes, blankets are constantly changed and replaced. That heavy comforter might be swapped out for a lighter quilt once winter gives way to spring. However, where should you keep extra bedding and how should you do it in the interim?

While some of us have spacious linen closets, others need to be more inventive with their storage options. We’ll demonstrate the best ways to store blankets and comforters so that you can keep them in good condition and free up space in your home. Observe these storage recommendations very carefully. If you don’t, your fabrics might degrade or you might have odors that are very challenging to get rid of.

Fold Your Sheets

We can all agree that it can be challenging to find time to put laundry away even when the dryer is about to shut off due to the daily craziness of life. But it is beneficial to fold your sheet, as well as the rest of your clothing, while they are still warm. You’ll sleep more crisply and comfortably because it prevents wrinkles without the use of an iron.

Don’t worry if your sheets seem to be taking up too much room. You can still maintain the fragrance of your sheets. Before putting your bedding away, fold it up and tuck a few dryer sheets in between the folds.

Keep Them Dry

This one is a bit obvious but we all need the reminder. We have all experienced the frustration of taking our clothes out of the washer after waiting just a little bit too long, only to discover that they smell musty. The same issue may arise if you keep your bedding in a location where moisture can seep in. If you keep your bedding in a basement or a closet with a window, keep that in mind. Try caulking windows or turning on a dehumidifier if there is moisture in the air.

Keep Your Sheets Dust Free

Always remember to clean your bedding when spring cleaning your bedroom. When we put our fitted sheets in the washing machine, one of the main things we’re trying to wash out of them is dust. It’s not exactly conducive to a restful night’s sleep when dust triggers asthma and allergy symptoms. Your sheets may still harbor dust mites when they are stored, even if they are completely clean. Put your sheet inside a container to prevent this. For natural fibers like wool, the best place to store bedding is in open areas where adequate airflow gets to the fabric. To prevent mold and mildew from growing, stay away from plastic storage bags that trap moisture.

Stray Away from Mothballs

Since the beginning of time, moths have been a problem with clothing storage. Bugs are kept out of drawers and closets by the use of mothballs. However, they have the potential to harm clothing, are poisonous if a child or animal were to ingest them, and simply leave your clothes smelling odd. Use lavender, cloves, or cedar chips instead to deter moths and keep your clothes smelling fresh. It will last longer if you store your bedding properly.

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