Our Story

OTAQ ∙ əʊtɑk ∙ أ وضـَة

Definition: room.

Our commitment is simple – to provide you everything your bedroom deserves. Imagine timeless styles & an elegant taste of extensive collections of home essentials around you. Imagine timeless quality not temporary fashion. Imagine an ageless ambience. All in your bedroom. Quality & an eye for detail in modern-day styles is our main objective.

We at OTAQ Home, offer a diverse selection of ready & bespoke custom made beds produced locally at your utmost preference, high quality mattresses with extreme comfort, exclusive collections of European bed linens & beddings.


Our Story

A modern future, a heritage tradition. With decades of knowledge and experience in retail, our group serves with no limit. From home furnishing to home appliances, we find the retail in you. Our experience from the past decades and constant hunger for adaptation is what makes us grow. Our attention to detail, high end taste and premium foundation is what sets the competitive advantage.

Why Choose Us



Our reputation for exceeding premium quality is our most important standard at Otaq Home. We thrive to continuously increase our materials & quality standard.


European Bedding
& Linen

Our beddings and bed linens are manufactured by the top industry standards with fine craftsmanship offering only the best products with the finest materials. From 100% cotton to natural goose down to high quality microfiber.


high quality mattresses with extreme comfort

Along the fact that our brand offers a variety of high-quality premium mattresses addressing your utmost needs, our number one standard is fast express deliveries. Did we forget to mention our mattress trial service?

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