Spring Mattress Nevada

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L Natural spring mattress with latex. The top layer of our bed mattress made of natural latex. We made sure that latex is obtained only from rigorously selected and strictly regulated plantations. The system of special ventilation tunnels allows free exchange of air and heat. Which makes the mattress breathe and quickly drains moisture. Latex perfectly adapts to the shape of the body, therefore it provides very good support for the spine during sleep. This bed mattress is very flexible and resilient, making it easier to roll over from side to side or get up.
On the other side highly elastic HR foam, in which natural soybean oil replaces chemical compounds. The foam has an open-cell structure that allows optimal air circulation while maintaining excellent flexibility. It is very elastic, reduces point pressure, and at the same time does not allow the body to collapse excessively in to the mattress. For further details: Please contact us

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10 years warranty

Warranty period for the mattress core.

Linen cover Matress

Flax fibers

The mattress is covered with a natural cover using linen fibers and organic cotton.


For couples

A mattress with high point elasticity that guarantees optimal support to the body weight.


Back pain

A mattress stabilizing the position of the spine and relaxing its muscles.


7 hardness zones

A mattress with 7 different hardness zones.

Core: 7-zone Multipocket springs, 4 cm high HR Bio foam on one side (medium firmness), 4 cm high natural latex on the other side (firm)

Height: Aprox. 24 cm

Cover: Linen – A luxurious, very fluffy cover made of natural linen fibers as the top layer and organic cotton closing it. High durability is due to the unusual and unique properties of linen. Of all natural fibers, linen is the most durable material. Organic cotton allows the skin to breathe, absorbs moisture well. Both components have thermoregulatory properties, thanks to which the cover additionally protects our body against overheating and getting too cold. Equipped with additional handles, making it easy to move or rotate the bed mattress. The cover is washable up to 30°C.

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