Spring Mattress Dance

7,199 AED

Dance is a hybrid mattress designed with a 7-zone system of thin Pocket Plus springs, up to 15 cm high. Providing optimal elasticity, high point flexibility and excellent support. It is the perfect choice for couples, especially those with significant weight differences, ensuring a comfortable and restful sleep experience.
The top layer made of two types of foam. High-resilience HR foam with a higher level of firmness for additional support and gently cooling FloFom foam – both create a zone of optimal comfort. The entire mattress reacts each time to a change in body position and adjusts its shape to the spine, allowing for thorough regeneration of all muscles.
The Italiano cover eliminates unpleasant odors and has anti-allergic properties. The addition of viscose makes it extremely pleasant to the touch, and the zonal design gives an interesting 3D effect. For further details: Please contact us

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10 years warranty

Warranty period for the mattress core.

cooling foam

Cooling foam

FloFom foam with cooling properties for optimal comfort.

heavy couple

For heavier couple

For couples where the weight difference is greater than 30 kg.


For Allergy Sufferers

This mattress covered with an anti-allergic cover.


7 hardness zones

A mattress with 7 different hardness zones. Available in an anti-allergic cover.

Core: 7-zone Pocket Plus spring 15 cm high, Flexifoam 3 cm high at the bottom, HR high resilience foam 4 cm high and FloFom foam 4 cm high at the top.

Height: Aprox. 28 cm

Cover: Italiano – The cover is extremely nice to the touch, finished with high-quality viscose. Fluffy fabric with zonal design creates an interesting and three-dimensional effect. Low weight and four comfortable handles make it easy to turn the mattress over. Removable, washable cover.

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