Cooling Gel Visko Pillow

379 AED

This product features our premium Visco “Smart Sponge” with a layer of “Spray Technology” cooling gel. It is a perfect solution for those who sleep hot or simply enjoy the cooling sensation while sleeping. The memory foam supports your head and neck to reduce pressure points while the Cooling Gel layer provides a pleasant cool feel. The Cooling Gel used in our pillow is made with innovative “Spray Gel Technology”. Unlike most market available pillows that have thick covers and hard cooling pads, our pillow is covered with thin flexible layer of cooling gel, which gives a much better and more long-lasting cooling effect resulting in utmost comfort.

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Sleeping Position: Side Sleeper, Black Sleeper

Dimensions: 50 x70 x13.5 CM

Cover:  Antibacterial, Antidust, Breathable Fabric

Filling: 100% Visco “Smart Sponge” Material

Safety: Does Not Contain CFC (Chloro Fluoro Carbon) Substance


– Ergonomic structure that adapts to your body and takes its shape providing full support and has high density foam; due to cold cure

– High density foam – due to cold cure production system in special molds, the density remains in the mold resulting in increased comfort and life of the product.

Washable Cover in 40-degree Machine Wash

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