How To Tell If Your Pillow Needs To Be Changed

A pillow is a very private household or bedroom object, and some individuals develop strong attachments to their own. A comfortable pillow is also necessary for a healthy night’s sleep. Your comfort level and sleeping environment have an impact on how well you sleep. If your pillow is uncomfortable and worn out, it will be much harder to fall asleep and stay asleep all night. But how can you tell when you need to invest in a new pillow?

It Smells Bad

Even though you recently washed it, your pillow still has a faintly odd odor. The buildup of skin, hair, and body oils that is unavoidable when it comes to pillows is probably the cause of that bad odor. So, if that odor continues, it’s time to look for a replacement.

You’re Getting Acne (Or Your Acne Is Growing Worse)

The accumulation of oil, debris, dead skin, and other unappealing substances may be the root of your breakouts, much as the smell issue. Even though you can typically just get away with washing your pillowcase in this circumstance, if your acne is really stubborn, it might be time to buy a pillow.

It’s Flat Enough to Fold

Many people enjoy sleeping with their pillows folded. So if you are saying to yourself, “Wait a minute, I do that all the time!”, that is not what we mean.

Even if you frequently fold your pillow, it should always revert to its normal shape whenever you release the pressure or remove your head from it.

Yet, if it continues to fold by itself, your pillow is obviously too worn out to be useful. Never let your pillow become so flat that it remains folded in half.

You Frequently Wake Up Sneezing

Regrettably, pillows and mattresses are both favorites of dust mites. Anybody would become sick from sleeping on a pillow covered in dust mites. It can result in a night of constant sneezing and discomfort for those who have allergies. In fact, if you do have allergies, you should change your pillow more regularly than an average person.

It’s Seriously Stained

Pillows can stain very easily due to how easy it is to drool in your sleep, and any liquid is going to soak into your pillow. Indeed, the stains do appear disgusting, but it’s also possible that your pillow’s interior is just as repulsive. Therefore when you do purchase a new pillow, make sure to also purchase a pillow cover because doing so will help shield it from ugly drool stains.

You’ve Switched Sleeping Positions

It’s convincing that your pillow is no longer the best choice for you if you just switched from sleeping on your back to sleeping on your side (for example). Now that some pillows, like any therapeutic pillows, are adjustable to fit any sleeping position, you won’t ever need to buy a new pillow as your sleeping preferences change. But if you’ve changed how you sleep recently and are feeling uncomfortable in the pillow you use, then it’s probably time for a new pillow.

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