The Role of Color and Texture in Customized Bed Design

Color & Texture’s Impact on Custom Bed Design

Choosing the right bed and the best mattress is essential to make your bedroom a relaxing space. The size, form, and construction of your bed are all important, but the color and texture of your mattress can have a significant impact. In this blog, we’ll discuss the function of color and texture in customized bed design and offer helpful tips on choosing the best elements for your bedroom.

The Psychology of Color

The colors you pick for your bedroom may significantly affect how you feel emotionally and psychologically. Many people identify peace and relaxation with cool hues like blue, green, and purple. Beige, gray, and white are all examples of neutral hues that may help bring about calm and balance. When deciding the color for your bed, remember what you like and the feeling you want to achieve.

Textured Fabrics

Texture can add depth and interest to a bed design and contribute to the room’s overall ambiance. Soft, plush materials like velvet and chenille can create a cozy, comforting feel, while crisp, smooth fabrics like cotton and linen add freshness and cleanliness. Woven materials like wicker or rattan can give a bed a natural, organic feel and are particularly effective in beach or tropical-themed bedrooms.

Mixing and Matching

Designing a bed can be exciting as it allows you to blend various colors and materials to create a customized appearance that truly reflects your personality. Integrating a variety of textures and shades can significantly elevate the aesthetic appeal of your bedding. When finding customized beds online, numerous choices are available to you. You may make your bed seem special by placing a thick knit blanket over a thin cotton duvet cover or using a velvet comforter with satin sheets set.

Accessories and Accents

Once you’ve selected the perfect color and texture for your customized bed, it’s time to add the finishing touches with accessories and accents. A decorative pillow and bed decers can help enhance your bed’s overall look and feel while adding a touch of personality and flair. Consider incorporating decorative elements that reflect your interests and passions, whether incorporating bold prints and patterns or sticking to a more minimalist aesthetic.

Functionality and Durability

When selecting a bed design, it’s essential to remember that practical aspects are equally significant as the aesthetics, such as color and texture. By choosing a customized mattress in Dubai, you can guarantee that your sleeping exterior is practical and long-lasting enough to endure the demands of everyday use. When searching for materials, it’s important to prioritize low-maintenance and long-lasting ones. Look for options that are easy to clean, resistant to creases, and constructed with durable materials. By following these steps, you can be sure that your customized bed retains its comfort and style, providing you with a relaxing space for a long time.


The color and texture of your customized bed can impact your bedroom’s overall look and feel. By considering factors such as the psychology of color, texture, mixing and matching, functionality and durability, and accessories and accents, you can create a bed design that perfectly reflects your individual style and personality. With creativity and imagination, your customized bed can become the centerpiece of a relaxing and inviting sanctuary you’ll enjoy for years.

5 Steps To Wash A Duvet The Right Way

Five Simple Steps for Washing Your Duvet

Do you hate dealing with your dirty and stinky duvet covers? Do you have a hard time washing it properly? Don’t worry! In this blog, we will provide you with five simple steps to wash your duvet cover the right way. Just follow these steps and, and you will have your bedding looking and feeling brand new in no time. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Check the care label

Always double-check the label instructions before giving your duvet a good wash. Find out what your duvet is made of and whether there are any special care recommendations before you wash it. It’s best to dry clean certain duvets, while others may go in the washing machine. If you are unable to locate a care label or the label is unclear, it is recommended that you dry clean the bedding to ensure that it won’t be damaged.

Step 2: Waterproof Covers or Pre-treat Any Stains

In case your duvet has stubborn stains, there is another option you can explore. You can also consider checking out the malls in Dubai that offer waterproof duvet cover sets. These sets will keep your duvet clean and protected from stains and accidents. Pre-treating stains with a mild detergent and warm water or a stain remover are recommended. Just dab the solution on the stained area, wait a few minutes, and then scrub gently with a soft brush or a clean cloth to remove the stain. Just a quick rinse in cold water will do the job.

Step 3: Choose the Right Washing Machine Setting

It’s important to wash your duvet on the correct cycle in the washing machine. Make sure your duvet has room for moving around throughout the wash cycle by using a washer with a high capacity. To protect the duvet’s stuffing, wash it on a delicate cycle in cold water. Bleach and fabric softeners may harm and discolor the fabric, so it’s best to avoid using them.

Step 4: Dry Your Duvet Properly

Drying your duvet thoroughly after washing it is a must. You may prevent unpleasant smells by hanging it outdoors to dry, but only after it has dried entirely. The stuffing may also be fluffed up by drying it in a dryer set to low heat. High temperatures might ruin the filling and cause it to clump.

Step 5: Fluff Up Your Duvet

To give your duvet a fresh and fluffy feel, fluffing it up after drying is essential. There are different ways to achieve this, such as giving it a good shake or using a duvet cover to fluff it up by hand. Another option you can consider is using a bed topper, which can also be helpful in restoring your duvet’s loft and ensuring that the filling is distributed evenly. This will prevent any lumps or bumps, giving you a cozy and comfortable night’s sleep.


Washing a duvet can be a simple and stress-free process. Restoring your bedding is very easy with these five simple steps. By following these steps, you can enjoy the feeling of freshly washed bedding and you can ensure that your duvet remains clean, providing you with a comfortable and restful night’s sleep.

How To Care For Your Bed Linen: An Experts’ Guide

How To Care For Your Bed Linen: An Experts’ Guide

Caring for your bed linen may seem simple, but it’s quite complex, especially if you invest in high-quality beds. The materials and fabrics used in bed linens require special attention to ensure they last long and remain hygienic. In this expert guide, we’ll share tips and tricks to keep your bed linen fresh and clean, giving you a comfortable and healthy sleep experience in Dubai.

Start with Quality Bed Linen

Quality bedding is the first step to bed linen maintenance. Cotton, linen, and silk make high-quality bed linen. Combining these textiles’ breathability and comfort makes for an excellent sleeping environment. If you’re in thhe market for new sheets, read the label to ensure the fabric is of good quality. Quality bed linen costs more but lasts longer and saves money.

Wash Your Bed Linen Regularly

Washing your bed linen regularly is essential to maintain hygiene and freshness. Washing bed linen removes dirt, sweat, and dead skin cells that accumulate on the fabric over time. Experts recommend washing bed linen once a week to prevent the buildup of bacteria and allergens.

Pay Attention to the Wash Instructions

Different types of bed linen require different care. For example, silk bed linen requires gentle hand washing or dry cleaning, while cotton and linen can be washed in a washing machine. Using the wrong washing method can damage the fabric and reduce its lifespan. Similarly, different bed toppers may require different washing methods, so it’s essential to read and follow the care instructions carefully to keep them clean and long-lasting. Using the wrong washing method can potentially harm the fabric and reduce the lifespan of your bed topper.

Don’t Overload Your Washing Machine

Overloading your washing machine can lead to potential damage to your sheets, which is why it is crucial to avoid doing so. Providing ample space for the linen to move freely during washing ensures thorough and effective cleaning. Overloading a washing machine may negatively impact the quality of the washed fabric. Excessive pressure can lead to the stretching and tearing of fabric, which can ultimately result in a decrease in its overall quality.

Dry Your Bed Linen Well

Drying your bed linen properly is just as important as washing it. Avoid using a dryer on high heat, which can shrink the fabric and cause damage. Instead, hang your bed linen outside to dry or use your dryer. When ironing bed linen, use a low heat setting to prevent damage to the fibers.

Store Your Bed Linen Properly

Proper storage of bed spreads is essential to maintain their cleanliness and prolong their lifespan. Ensure they are dry before storing them. To keep your linens organized and tidy, folding them neatly and storing them in a designated container or linen closet is best. For safeguarding your belongings from dust and pests, opting for airtight storage containers or vacuum-sealed bags is recommended. With proper storage, your bed spread will remain clean for longer periods of time.

Use Linen Spray to Refresh Your Bed Linen

Using a linen spray is an excellent method of having a refreshing bed. It’s a simple, affordable, and all-natural choice. Making your own linen spray is as simple as combining water, alcohol, and essential oils in a spray bottle. Linen spray is quick and easy to maintain a fresh, pleasant aroma in your bedroom.


Proper maintenance of bed linen is essential for ensuring a comfortable and hygienic sleeping experience. By following these tips, you can maintain your bed linen’s freshness and hygiene while extending its lifespan. By taking some simple steps to care for your bed linen, you can ensure that it provides you with a peaceful and comfortable sleep for a long time.

 How To Tell If Your Pillow Needs To Be Changed

A pillow is a very private household or bedroom object, and some individuals develop strong attachments to their own. A comfortable pillow is also necessary for a healthy night’s sleep. Your comfort level and sleeping environment have an impact on how well you sleep. If your pillow is uncomfortable and worn out, it will be much harder to fall asleep and stay asleep all night. But how can you tell when you need to invest in a new pillow?

It Smells Bad

Even though you recently washed it, your pillow still has a faintly odd odor. The buildup of skin, hair, and body oils that is unavoidable when it comes to pillows is probably the cause of that bad odor. So, if that odor continues, it’s time to look for a replacement.

You’re Getting Acne (Or Your Acne Is Growing Worse)

The accumulation of oil, debris, dead skin, and other unappealing substances may be the root of your breakouts, much as the smell issue. Even though you can typically just get away with washing your pillowcase in this circumstance, if your acne is really stubborn, it might be time to buy a pillow.

It’s Flat Enough to Fold

Many people enjoy sleeping with their pillows folded. So if you are saying to yourself, “Wait a minute, I do that all the time!”, that is not what we mean.

Even if you frequently fold your pillow, it should always revert to its normal shape whenever you release the pressure or remove your head from it.

Yet, if it continues to fold by itself, your pillow is obviously too worn out to be useful. Never let your pillow become so flat that it remains folded in half.

You Frequently Wake Up Sneezing

Regrettably, pillows and mattresses are both favorites of dust mites. Anybody would become sick from sleeping on a pillow covered in dust mites. It can result in a night of constant sneezing and discomfort for those who have allergies. In fact, if you do have allergies, you should change your pillow more regularly than an average person.

It’s Seriously Stained

Pillows can stain very easily due to how easy it is to drool in your sleep, and any liquid is going to soak into your pillow. Indeed, the stains do appear disgusting, but it’s also possible that your pillow’s interior is just as repulsive. Therefore when you do purchase a new pillow, make sure to also purchase a pillow cover because doing so will help shield it from ugly drool stains.

You’ve Switched Sleeping Positions

It’s convincing that your pillow is no longer the best choice for you if you just switched from sleeping on your back to sleeping on your side (for example). Now that some pillows, like any therapeutic pillows, are adjustable to fit any sleeping position, you won’t ever need to buy a new pillow as your sleeping preferences change. But if you’ve changed how you sleep recently and are feeling uncomfortable in the pillow you use, then it’s probably time for a new pillow.

Say Goodbye to Body Aches With OTAQ Home

How does your sleep feel these days? Are you well-rested? Do you feel energized when you wake up? Do you have a hard time finding the right sleeping position? Do you experience back pain?

If you experience the latter, you should examine your mattress

When you get up, it’s common to have some slight back pain as your body gets used to moving around again after a long night of sleep. However, having back and neck pain for several hours after sleeping, as well as feeling restless when you wake up, could be signs of a medical condition or the result of a terrible mattress. Poor sleeping posture and a lack of support from your mattress are two common causes of lower back pain. You are likely to have muscle sprains and back discomfort if your mattress does not provide the proper firmness and ergonomic contour to your body. The ideal mattress should be comfortable and allow your spine to align naturally while you sleep. You need these elements in order to get a restful night’s sleep. The wrong mattress can reduce the quality of your sleep, leaving you feeling fatigued rather than refreshed.

The ideal mattress offers multiple benefits for healthier sleep. Your body can better heal itself as you sleep, giving you the necessary energy for the following day. A healthy immune system, weight loss, and general body upkeep are all benefits of getting enough sleep. To achieve these, it is important to get the ideal mattress for your needs. Buying a mattress in Dubai can be very tricky, considering the number of choices available.

Sleeping position

Do you like to sleep on your back, your side, your stomach, or a combination of all four? Your preferred sleeping position will help you choose the ideal mattress firmness. For example, stomach and back sleepers need firmer alternatives to support the U-shape position of the back while they are asleep.

Body type

In addition to figuring out your sleeping position, your body type should be considered while choosing a mattress. For sleepers weighing 130 pounds or less, a medium-firm mattress is already considered firm and will offer sufficient body support. To address the pressure spots effectively on heavier people, a harder alternative is required. Hybrid mattresses combine spring coils and foam materials to provide optimum sleep support and comfort.

Tips on buying the right mattress

Understand the physical components of the mattress

In order to select the best mattress for you, it is crucial to understand the types, firmness levels, and materials of mattresses as well as their advantages and disadvantages. A mattress with anti-dust mite features is also essential, particularly if you are prone to allergies.

Look for a mattress that balances the benefits of back support and contour comfort

Comfort depends on your preferences. While some enjoy a cradling effect, others seek something more springy. These comfort preferences need to consider a few things that reduce pressure and pain in the body. Based on your body type and preferred sleeping position, the optimal mattress in Dubai must provide you with adequate back support and cradle comfort. Pure foam or latex mattresses can provide the required support for lighter sleepers. A hybrid mattress made of a combination of foam and innersprings enables persons with heavier bodies to have the best possible sleep experience.

Pillows and bedding accessories are important

In addition to your mattress, acquiring pillows and bedding that are comfortable, breathable, and allergy-free will aid in your ability to sleep soundly.

3 Simple Steps to Dress Your Bed Like a Designer

Do you ever wonder how a designer makes their bed? Want to achieve that luxurious layered look at the home? Creating the perfect bed takes much more than simply deciding on a new duvet cover. There is no better time to update your space than right now, while the seasons are changing. You can bring out your inner interior designer and create a bed that appears as if it belongs in a luxury magazine by using our top advice on how to dress a bed.

Make The Most Of Your Mattress

You can make any bed appear lovely, but it goes without saying that the quality of your mattress in Dubai has a significant impact on how well you sleep. You’ll enjoy your bed just a little bit more if you make sure it feels as nice as it looks. You’re guaranteed to discover the perfect base for your lovely bed linen, from pocket-sprung mattresses to hybrid or foam mattresses.

Don’t Forget Your Duvet

Opting for a cloud-like duvet will make your bed extra cozy and create a truly plush look. An all-seasons duvet is one of the simplest methods to achieve this because it offers year-round flexibility. Make sure you get a high-quality, breathable duvet that will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. You can fasten the 4.5-tog and 9-tog duvets together to match the season.

Plump Up Your Pillows

Pick pillows that are just the right amount of plumpness so they look fantastic on your bed and help you sleep like a baby. Layer two to four pillows at the head of your bed to suddenly make your entire bedroom feel rich and boutique hotel-like. In order to constantly drift off in total comfort, it’s crucial to choose your ideal pillow carefully because different pillow fillings change the weight, stiffness, and overall feel. 

Luxe Fitted Sheet

Start with a luxurious fitted sheet for the ultimate designer bed. Make sure the sheet you select fits your mattress properly because a sheet that is too deep will ride up the edges and appear messy. White fitted sheets are a great option as they look crisp, and clean and go with any color. For the most lavish of finishes, 100% Egyptian cotton sheets offer a silky soft feel and look great tucked into your bed.

Choose A Classic Duvet Cover

A bedroom decorated with a white duvet cover in Dubai will have a classic appearance and feel. To give depth and texture to your bedroom, pair it with any other color. Instead of utilizing white bedding, use a lighter color scheme like light grey, sage green, stone, or pastel pink to make your bedroom feel spacious and airy.

Pick Your Pillowcases

To complete your bed linen set, encase your pillows in lovely white cotton pillowcases. Oxford border pillowcases provide a traditional finish with extra charm and texture to help you achieve that trendy look.

Find Decorative Cushions

Decorative throw cushions are a great way to introduce color, texture and that all-important designer finishing touch. Layer giant cushions behind your pillows and smaller cushions arranged in front to complete the look. For a space that appears to have been put together with ease, match your cushions to the color palette of your bedroom. You won’t be dissatisfied with the stylish results, whether you want to go strong with a deep navy blue or produce a dazzling design with gold and silver elements.

Top 5 Ways To Store Your Bedding

Bedding organization and storage can take up a lot of room. There are countless ways to save space when storing duvet covers, pillowcases, and more, including keeping them in stylish baskets, linen closets, and protective bags. Use these top five ways to store your luxury bed linen to help you keep your sheets, blankets, and pillowcases tidy and crease-free.

Choose Optimal Storage Conditions

Any bedding set should be folded precisely and put on a shelf in the cupboard. This is the best way to store linen. This will provide you with as much airflow as possible so that your sheets, pillowcases, and duvet covers can breathe, preventing the growth of mildew and mold. As a general rule, stay away from storing your bedding in attics, sheds, and garages if at all possible. You want to maintain your sheets in a fresh, dry environment to avoid dampness.

Use Protective Storage Bags

Keep your duvet covers under your bed in storage bags for protection if you don’t have much room. The best option is cotton since it not only repels dust but also lets moisture escape, keeping your bedding fresh. Vacuum storage bags are a fantastic alternative because they allow you to keep all of your bedding in one location without using up too much valuable space.

Display Your Linen

No cupboard? No issue! Instead, show off your bed linen. There are numerous more ways to organize and store your sheets if you don’t have space for a linen closet or under-the-bed storage. It will work just well to use shelves, baskets, coat hangers, and other storage equipment.

Combine Your Bedding Sets

Luxury bedding sets that are brand-new are typically packaged together, and neatly folded. To save space while storing your duvet covers, pillowcases in Dubai, and more, be inspired by this and fold your sheets and tuck them inside the matching pillowcases. Keep all of your towel collections in one location for easy storage since bath towels are also sold in sets. To make them easier to grab and go, towels and washcloths can be arranged in baskets or folded and kept together. 

How do I keep my bedding feeling fresh?

One of the greatest methods to keep your bed linens feeling and smelling fresh is to place them outside to air. You can also enjoy the crisp, fresh feel of gorgeous bed sheets by air-drying your bedding. You may test this out in any weather because your bedding will dry more quickly on a windy day. However, if it’s raining, put your bedding in the dryer before making your bed because it will help them seem fresher after being folded in your linen storage location for a while.

How To Clean & Care For Your Mattress

Cleaning your mattress regularly is important to ensure it remains hygienic, fresh, and cozy so you can enjoy a restful night’s sleep. In order to keep your new mattress in the greatest condition for many years to come, it’s a good idea to take care of it. But to keep your mattress looking and feeling as good as new, you’ll need to know exactly how to clean and care for it.

How To Look After A New Mattress

Taking adequate care of your mattress from the beginning is one of the best methods to guarantee that it remains clean and in excellent condition. You will reap the benefits of taking good care of your mattress in the long run by getting many nights of restful sleep on a soft, clean mattress, whether it is foam, pocket-sprung, or a hybrid.

Use a Mattress Protector

In addition to giving your mattress more volume, mattress protectors in Dubai also provide an additional layer of dirt protection. Your mattress protector or duvet covers in Dubai will shield your mattress from any potential spills or food stains, keeping your mattress clean. Since the majority of mattress protectors are machine washable, they are also far simpler to clean than your complete mattress.

Wash Your Bedding Regularly

You can keep your mattress fresh by maintaining clean linens on your bed. Bacteria may develop on your sheets if they are left out for an extended period of time and then spread to your mattress. Your bedroom will stay tidy and odor-free if your bedding is regularly washed.

Keep a Cool Bedroom

Your mattress will stay considerably fresher if you regularly open your windows and maintain your room at a moderate temperature. This is because bacteria and other unwanted nasties thrive in warmer environments, so by keeping the environment cool, you can reduce the chances of these unwelcome guests taking up residence in your lovely clean mattress.

How To Clean Your Mattress

Mattresses naturally accumulate dirt and bacteria over time, so you’ll need to clean them sometimes, ideally every six months. Always check the label on your mattress and follow the laundry instructions properly, this is our simple yet highly effective advice. You must follow the guidelines given because every mattress is different if you want to preserve yours in the best possible condition. 

How Often Should You Clean Your Mattress?

Even while you won’t need to deep clean your mattress every few months, it is advised that you do it at least twice a year. This will stop any bacteria from growing worse and will stop any odors from being left for too long. Additionally, you should use this time to flip your mattress, which should be done every six months to maintain the filling’s even distribution. It’s crucial to flip your double mattress if you frequently sleep on one side to level out the wear. Similar to sharing a mattress with your partner, using a double, king, or super king-size mattress can speed up the rate of wear.

Why Do You Need to Clean Your Mattress?

Cleaning your mattress is a crucial component of keeping your bedroom clean. Your mattress may accumulate many types of dirt over time. Long-term exposure can make this worse and possibly start to damage your allergies because a buildup of dust can make breathing difficult. Your mattress should be cleaned twice a year to keep any unwelcome filth from accumulating to unhealthy levels.

How A Luxury Mattress Can Help You Beat Anxiety And Sleep Issues

Quality of your sleep is crucial to your health. Your health will suffer if you consistently have trouble sleeping. On the other hand, your health and physical well-being will improve if you get enough sleep. The main justification for placing a premium mattress among your top priorities when making a purchase is your health. A mattress is not one of the many items you can purchase that are generic or inexpensive.

Although many people don’t pay attention to mattresses, they are an important piece of sleeping equipment in your home that can have a negative impact on your body and mind. Consider the advantages of purchasing a luxury mattress for a restful night’s sleep to persuade you.


The fact that luxury mattresses are healthy for you is one of their best features. offers you the right support at the same time so that your body can adapt to the mattress rather than the other way around. If you prefer to sleep on your side, the natural mattress is ideal. When you have bursitis or sore joints, it can be beneficial to keep you as comfortable and supported as you can.


Mattresses made of natural materials are hypoallergenic. These do not release any gasses, do not contain any toxins, and do not draw bacteria. You can therefore breathe easily while you’re sleeping. Additionally, the materials prevent moisture absorption and enable you to sleep comfortably.

Weight Management

While a luxury mattress won’t make you lose weight overnight, getting a good night’s sleep on one that offers the right balance of comfort and support will give you more energy to work out during the day. Additionally, when you are tired, your body may mistakenly communicate with your brain that you are hungry. Because we frequently crave unhealthy foods when we’re tired, this can result in overeating and possibly eating those foods.

Improving Productivity

A restful night’s sleep increases productivity. How well you sleep depends greatly on the type of bed surface you use. A luxury mattress will look after your sleep without waking you up because it responds quickly and adapts to your body pressure even with minor movements.


You are putting your health at risk if you buy a cheap mattress. Back pain in the lower back, body aches, insomnia, etc. are a few of the problems. A poor-quality mattress will prevent you from maintaining proper body alignment and posture, which can have a negative impact on your health. However, a luxury mattress will give you a comfortable sleeping surface that reduces pressure points and improves blood flow.

Support is the key to the majority of a luxury mattress’ health advantages. A luxury mattress will continue giving your body the proper amount of support for a lot longer than a budget mattress will, at least initially. Budget mattresses can provide a firm level of support. Overall, making the initial investment in a luxury mattress and starting to enjoy the rest you deserve is a better investment.

Designing a Bedroom: Dos and Don’ts

Your bedroom is a space where you can unwind in your mattress, gather your thoughts, and spend time with your loved ones. Given that your bedroom is where you start your day, the design of your bedroom is a crucial part of your home’s interior because it sets the tone for the rest of the day.

It takes effort to create the ideal bedroom. Even though the bedroom might seem like a straightforward space, very few people are actually aware of what makes a great bedroom design. Due to erroneous presumptions about how the bedroom should appear, many of us end up making mistakes with it.

This is why it’s crucial that, before getting started, you comprehend the fundamentals of good bedroom design. Here are a few bedroom design dos and don’ts.

DO it according to what you want. When it comes to bedroom design, you must be a little more flexible. Space won’t feel like the haven of your dreams unless it is warm, luxurious, and customized to your tastes.

DON’T overcrowd it. Your bedroom is a place for all of your personal items and favorites, but you need to be mindful of clutter. The room will become cluttered and lose its calming feel if there are too many different styles, colors, and patterns present.

DO use calming colors. The main goal of bedroom design is to create a space that makes it simple to get a good night’s sleep. Blue is a common and natural choice for calm colors. For good Feng Shui, you could also choose soft shades of yellow and peach or pastel green.

DON’T make everything match. When beginners decorate their bedrooms, they frequently make this error. If that’s all you see, even the most calming blue will appear dull or overwhelming. Maintain contrast and variety in your color scheme. It won’t harm to add the occasional splash of red or a wall accent with a lively pattern.

DO consider room size when making your furniture selection. Choose the bed, nightstands, cabinets, and chairs based on the size of your room if you’re about to design and decorate your bedroom from scratch. Leave enough room to move around freely and take in your new sanctuary without making the room appear to be overly crowded.

DON’T spare any expense in storage. Reduce the size of the bed and reevaluate the need for any furniture pieces in your small bedroom. Cutting back on storage in the bedroom is never a good idea because clutter can easily undermine the tranquil atmosphere you’re trying to establish. Get creative with your storage; dressers in place of nightstands, storage benches, and under-the-bed units are all excellent options for hiding items.

DO allow room for movement. Between your bed and the walls of your bedroom, as well as between storage units and frequently used furniture, there should be a minimum of three feet. When decorating your bedroom, pay attention to how the furniture is arranged. You’ll have plenty of chances to go avant-garde when selecting your wall coverings and furniture, so keep it straightforward and sensible.

DON’T forget the room’s primary objective. It serves primarily as a place to sleep. Workstations, TV units, and cozy coffee nooks are all nice—until they take up too much room. If your bedroom is small, stay away from these. If there is enough room, keep these additions out of the way of traffic and sightlines. When you’re trying to unwind in bed, you don’t want to be looking at your work documents.

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