Relax on Your Cozy Bed After the Holiday Season

Something about the long nights and freezing temperatures of winter makes you want to stay in bed. That may be an issue on Monday mornings, but it all balances out because of the luxurious feeling of snuggling up in your covers on a chilly winter evening. At least, that’s the plan. But what if your bed isn’t calling you as the temperature drops?

It’s time to mix and match some elements to make the ultimate cozy bed for yourself. With just a few additions, your bed can be transformed from a place to sleep to a place to enjoy chilly winter nights and darker weekend mornings. Take these items, along with a good book and a cup of something warm, and you’ll be ready to make the most of the colder months.

On the Mattress

Making a cozy bed begins, predictably, with the bed and mattress itself. Be gone, lightweight blankets! This is the season to go plush, textured, and layered in order to create a luxurious bed that you can enjoy all winter long.

Get a Mattress Topper

A memory foam, feather, or egg crate foam mattress topper can add support and comfort to your bed, especially if buying a new mattress is out of the question.

Think About Buying a Comforter

What kind of bedding do you have on your bed? If you’ve been considering purchasing a fluffy down or down alternative comforter, now is the time. If you like the look of your current comforter but want to add some extra coziness, layer an extra blanket underneath it.

Bring Some Sheets

You can’t have a cozy bed without inviting sheets. Cotton is fine, but if you want to upgrade this winter, consider an alternative. Linen adds a nice texture to your bed and is still appropriate in the summer. Alternatively, if you live in a particularly cold climate, replace your summer sheets with flannel ones this season. When shopping for new sheets, don’t forget to consider a bed skirt. If you have a cold metal bedframe, hiding it beneath a layer of fabric can transform the look of your bedroom.

Warm Up Your Room With Rugs

You don’t want to be greeted by a cold floor when you get out of bed. Put a soft, plush rug on either side of the bed so your toes can sink into something comfortable. It will make getting up for work much easier! We adore faux fur because of its inviting texture. You can also layer rugs for added softness and trendiness.

Consider Purchasing a Headboard

If you truly want to create a cozy bed, don’t overlook one of its most distinguishing features: the headboard. A metal headboard will keep the cold out. A fabric one, on the other hand, adds comfort to your bed. If you don’t want to replace your headboard entirely, drape a plush blanket over it to help it blend in with your cozy bed.

Put on Warm Pajamas

What you wear to bed is almost as important as what’s on your mattress. Wearing warmer clothes to bed can help you avoid turning up the thermostat during the colder months. Long-sleeved shirts and comfortable pants will keep you warm at night. Flannel pajamas will be the warmest.

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