Spring Mattress Makarena

8,999 AED

Makarena is a spring mattress with pro-health properties. The construction uses the innovative features of Multipocket springs. Each spring is in a separate pocket and reacts individually to the weight of the body, providing solid support. Springs with different degrees of hardness create 7 different zones. Each of them responds to the needs of individual parts of the body.
On one side of the core there is a plate made of natural latex, which increases the elasticity of the mattress and reduces the development of bacterial microflora. On the other side – thermoelastic Visco foam, which reacts to body temperature and adapts to the shape of it, reducing muscle tension. Each side offers a different level of firmness and comfort. For further details: Please contact us

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10 years warranty

Warranty period for the mattress core.


For couples

A mattress with high point elasticity that guarantees optimal support to the body weight.

allergy sufferers

For allergy sufferers

This mattress covered with an anti-allergic cover.


People with back pain

A mattress stabilizing the position of the spine and relaxing its muscles.

7 hardness zones

A mattress with 7 different hardness zones.

Core: 7-zone pocket spring Multipocket, on one side Visco thermoelastic foam combined with Flexifoam foam 4.5 cm high, on the other side a latex foam approx. 4.5 cm high.

Height: Aprox. 23 cm (Merced)

Cover: Merced – An innovative cover with a unique look due to original pattern. The material with the addition of lycra provides a high degree of flexibility, thanks to which the cover adapts to the position of the body. It is nice and silky to the touch. Removable cover, washable up to 60°C.

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