Spring Mattress Flamenco

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Flamenco is a mattress based on Multipocket springs. Which compared to pocket springs, are distinguished by one important feature. There are more of them per square meter, and each spring works separately which ensuring greater point flexibility. Springs of different hardness create 7 different zones that guarantee excellent support for individual parts of the body. Flamenco is the perfect mattress for couples and couples with significant weight difference.
Additional flexibility and elasticity is provided by a profiled latex plate placed on one side of the mattress and highly elastic foam on the opposite side. The structure of latex and foam facilitates free air circulation inside the core, thanks to which the mattress breathes and effectively gets rid of excess moisture. For further details: Please contact us

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10 years warranty

Warranty period for the mattress core.


For couples

A mattress with high point elasticity that guarantees optimal support to the body weight.

heavy couple

Weight-Gap Couples

The mattress provides more independent support for weight-gap couples.

active lifestyle

For Active lifestyle

A mattress designed for relaxation and fast muscle recovery.


7 hardness zones

A mattress with 7 different hardness zones. Available in an anti-allergic cover.

Core: : 7-zone Multipocketed spring, on one side profiled latex combined with 3.5 cm Flexifoam foam, on the other side 4 cm high elastic HR foam.

Height: Aprox. 22 cm

Cover: Tencel – Natural, anti-allergic cover made of modern viscose fibers. It perfectly controls the moisture level of the mattress, absorbing its excess directly from the sleeping person’s skin. Tencel fibers do not irritate and naturally prevent the growth of bacteria. Removable cover, washable up to 60°C.
Velvet – Extremely soft and delicate to the touch cover with innovative Purotex technology using natural probiotics. It guarantees a healthy sleep thanks to the microcapsules contained in the cover. The capsules gradually burst to release probiotics that fight the allergens that cause dust allergy and asthma. Removable cover, washable up to 60°C.

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